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NEW Short Film in Pre-Production!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted anything here, but I’ve got some BIG news, I’ve begun pre-production on my next short film. The short is tentatively entitled "After". It’s a dark comedy focusing on the irony about life after death. Two men who’ve recently died discuss what’s instore for them for the next eternity.

A final draft of the screenplay is near completion. Storyboards will be conducted in the coming weeks, who knows, I might share them here. An open casting call will commence in February. Production is (hopefully) scheduled to start sometime in March. If all goes according to plan, we’ll have a rough cut of the film by May. 

After my recent trip to this years Sundance film festival, my goal is to have “After” enter into the festival in 2013. It’s got the classic motifs that Sundance looks for in a film, but at the sametime, it should have the opportunity to be a thought provoking piece for many viewers, while still maintaining the harsh black comedy stylings it’s been intended for in the script.

"After" will be written & directed by Aaron Shore. For more info on the production continue coming back to this site or the Facebook page for updates. Thank you one and all!

"Screw It" Wins Best Short Film (15 mins & under) at LDUB Film Fest!!!

Two of Double AA Productions’ films were going head-to-head at this years LDUB Film Festival in Lake Worth, FL. My film, "The Library Cop", & and Carlton Bruce’s "Screw It""Screw It" was the winner!

Because there was such a great selection of short films this year, seven short films were in the running for Best Short Film from the Festival Jury Prize. It was decided by the jury board that they would create a new category for short films, because of the close tie between "Screw It" and Dale Peterson’s "Hard to Come By".

"Screw It" took home the Best Short Film 15 Mins & Under Award, while "Hard to Come By" took home Best Short Film 15 Mins & Over"The Library Cop" was just barely trailing behind ”Screw It”. In a strange way, ”The Library Cop” & "Screw It" are both equal winners at this years LDUB. 

As director of ”The Library Cop”, I couldn’t be happier for the response that the film recieved last Saturday night, at the sold out show no less. Next, to "Hard to Come By", it came off as a crowd favorite for many. I was quite taken back when many viewers came up to me after the screening telling me how much they loved my film, including the team behind "Hard to Come By". All I could say to them was how much I love their movie too. It was quite a special night & a great festival weekend. 

And now, onward for both films, we plan to ship off "Screw It" & "The Library Cop" to more festivals in the coming year.

"The Library Cop" heading to L-Dub Film Fest!!!

My comedy short, co-written by my little brother, Zack Shore, has been accepted to the L-Dub Film Festival in Lake Worth, FL!

Starring Dave Gregory & Georgina Castens. "The Library Cop" tells the story about a college student, Ashley Kramer, who’s just trying to study for upcoming finals, but after breaking a code of the library, she comes face to face with an unscrupulous library security guard who claims to be the Library Cop! Will she ever get to finish her study time?  

DIRECTOR Aaron Shore  

SCREENWRITERS Aaron Shore & Zack Shore  

STORY BY Zack Shore & Felicia Knapp  

PRODUCER Bobby Keegan  

The film will be playing at the Lake Worth Playhouse, tickets are $9. There will be an L-Dub Festival Party later that night located at The Cottage at L & Lucerne Sts, from 8-11 pm featuring Celebrity bartenders Garrett M Brown and Leslie Gray Streeter.  Live music by The Mobile Homies and happy hour drink prices throughout the evening.

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